Gallery of the Town of artists
on Maslovka
Kugach Yu. P., «Autumn day»
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ArtMaslovka – gallery of the Moscow «Town of Artists on Maslovka», where you can buy paintings by the best artists of the USSR and Russia. At the same time, the «shop in production» format gives you the opportunity not to overpay two or three times the actual cost of a work of art, as in ordinary galleries. The town of artists on Maslovka is comparable to Montmartre in Paris. In the legendary workshops of Scissors also worked well-known folk artists and academics of the XX century: I. E. Grabar, S. V. Gerasimov, V. E. Tatlin, Greeks M. B., Pimenov Yu. I., Plastov A. A., Reshetnikov, F. P., and N. Romadin.M. Gritsay A. M, Gavrilov V. N., Korzhev, M., nonconformist: Siddur VA, Lemport, V. S., A. A. Lapushkin More than half of the collection of the Tretyakov gallery, the twentieth century was created here painted portraits from life of Yuri Gagarin, S. M. Budyonny, K. E. Voroshilov, signature works: «deuce Again» F. P. Reshetnikov, «New Moscow» Pimenov Yu. I., «Yegor flyer» G. M. Korzheva, «Before the dancing» Yu. Kugacha, the character «Murzilka», images for the magazine «Crocodile» by A. M. Kanevsky, etc.
Epochs change, generations change...
... life and social ideas are changing. But the artist's creations, born once a wonderful revelation of his feelings, remain a living chronicle of time.
Gallery «in the production»
You buy the work at a price determined by the author / heir. At the same time, the gallery provides full security guarantees when purchasing, as well as you get high-quality customer service. On the site you can place an order for paintings with delivery by Express service and payment online.
Heritage of art — our history
You can get acquainted with the history of the town, visit the current workshop and chat with artists, coming to the gallery for a tour of «Masterpieces of fine art».
Booking a ticket and paying online will take a couple of minutes, and the experience of viewing exhibitions accompanied by a professional art guide will remain for a long time.
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